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Monday, 7 October 2019

Femdom World

Femdom World  - Truths and information

This is the type of topic that some men might not find all that interesting, yet women not only may enjoy reading, but also might well agree with.

The reason being is that for many men it doesn't include that"titillating" quality which they often seek. For girls, it'll hold certain truths which are extremely apparent. You can check out mardy Marsh  Profile for kinky ideas

Also perhaps truths which we hope will spread and become embraced as a method of life for future generations of women. check out our

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 To jump right in and be blunt, the world would be a far better place if it were run by an equivalent per cent of girls as men. From a sociological standpoint, I think that world hunger, homelessness, wars, pollution, certain crimes and the destruction of our world would be diminished. Check out our online schedule on how we do offer appointments in BDSM

 Many environmental issues and the human-caused extinction of different species could be reduced or stopped. Lots of the asinine laws regarding drugs, prostitution, abortion, health care wouldn't exist or be revised in a manner that benefits society instead of the focus only being on penalizing it. Check out telegram and post pictures here at livebdsmcams telegram

 Capitalism would exist, however, using a"maternal" twist, meaning only that while hard work and fortune would be rewarded, it wouldn't take place at the cost of hurting those less fortunate as it does today.

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A whole lot more money would be spent fixing the issues that our present patriarchal system has caused. Money allocated today for the"my dick is bigger than your war machine" will be assigned for humanitarian aid, education and disease. Check out the page for helping in the LGBT community live BDSM cams

The domestic level

 On the individual domestic level, wife and child abuse could lessen on a gigantic scale. Those that were incapable as a result of psychological reasons to operate in general society could be assisted and in extreme cases removed to a secure environment, while being treated in a compassionate manner as opposed to leaving them homeless and upon failure, incarceration. The focus on potential rapists, murderers etc.,

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could be early detection and therapy or"isolation" rather than on just incarceration without a real attempt at diagnosing the problem and treating those who could be helped. Education, parity, common sense could rule the day, as opposed to the present mindset of being one big pissing contest.
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 If one were to consider the many thousands (if not millions) of persons employed by the federal government whose job description is just to watch, spy, set up, entrap, and arrest other citizens, it is disgusting and shocking. Billions of dollars are spent yearly on payroll, equipment, Don't forget to check out for more kinky femdom sessions on webcam

 office space and property to bust our fellow citizens for horrendous crimes like smoking a joint, watching pornography, utilizing the services of a prostitute etc.. View our shemale pictures here

The buzzwords

 Certain buzzwords such as"education, children, war on drugs, porn, jobs" are what get these incompetent jackals chosen over and over. And the results are generally the same. Enron, WorldCom, Silverado, White Water, Bernice Madoff, Wall Street bailouts, downturn, homelessness while increases for congress (currently with a mean retirement package of 7.2 million each individual ) is business as usual. Business, as usual, will become the end of the USA and possibly even culture. check out our new site for femdom cams 

Obviously, women aren't even close to being perfect. Those that"talk" for almost all of us are just enjoying with the man's game, and are in a"pissing contest" with guys to attempt and fit in. The important"liberation" we girls need now is from ourselves. View top mistress cams for more kinky live mistress feeds

Repeating the dogma and philosophic nonsense that's been ingrained in our heads by men, the religious right-wing nuts and other women too scared to take their own destiny in their hands needs to stop. No"free" woman would buy into the idea that a topless dancer who earns $800 a night bending over in front of men is degrading herself than a waitress who bends over tables facing guys for $80 per night.

So what's the difference?

The difference is that one has paid more, and that is about it. They clock in, put in their hours working for somebody else, go home, pay their taxes and live their own lives. It's merely a means to an end. This is only one of many examples I could give of how some girls are neglecting themselves and their sisters by"giving up" in their struggle for equality. If a guy with saggy'tits" can walk around shirtless in public, why can not a girl with firm tits? As soon as they burnt their bra and got the pill they believed they'd won the war, when in fact they didn't even win the conflict. check out this Mistresses profile

If we do not even own our own bodies, should not that be the first step on the schedule? So many are concerned they aren't on an equal pay scale with guys that they've lost sight of the fact they don't need to be. Provided that we've vaginas we can control the entire world. It's after all, the one thing in this world that men really want, (beyond beer and food ) and must be permitted to possess under our conditions, and in some cases forced to possess, to delight and to worship.

They assume that when a woman puts on a leather skirt and skirt, has a whip in her hands for one hour per month she's a dominant female. Being a dominant wife, girlfriend or just a mistress is a frame of mind, a means of life, and part of an authentic whole well developed individual, not something rented by the hour. It's what controls her decisions, her goals in life, her relations with her spiritual and political views. Click here to read about sexy Mistresses

The part of her time that's spent administering spankings, scolding, or forcing her husband to eat her pussy is extremely small, yet not insignificant. That quality time spent with her significant other (or others) is only one facet of her everyday life. However, the guys that respect or even worship her desire to be educated that facet of her character is her own sexuality rather than a"toy" that he can take from his toy box when he feels frisky or sexy.

In this very mad time we're living in we appear to be taking steps in regression instead of progression. As I'm an American I am talking primarily for the legislation and the present political, cultural and sociological attitudes that exist, but many apply to other countries also. The development and advancements made my humanity (and both womankind) within the past few hundred years appear to be reversing in some specific locations.

And able to make decisions about their own bodies, reproductive difficulties, their sexuality, the professions, marital choices, and the charge of their lives generally. Recently the trend (from fear of a loss of management ) certain factions of ultra-conservatives have been attempting to reverse a few of those rights. This is a double partisan effort sometimes, even though the idiots aren't working in concert with one another, thankfully, but are equal"control freaks" and will hopefully fail in their pursuit.

For us today in this country it's that the Bush, Santorum, Ashcroft, Buchanan, Roberts, Dobson"types" that essentially need all power to stay with white men (or women that match their ideals, think proxy leaders) the religious zealots, with a little bit of racism thrown in for good measure. While not one of the spineless bastards will acknowledge it their actions prove this to be true. And while I wouldn't agree with their agenda, I'd have a dose of respect for their having the balls to say the truth behind their schedule.

No, I'm not implying some terrific conspiracy plot is in the making. I'm saying that for all the facades and posturing, no genuine desire at equality has been implemented. Some people's interpretation of the bible is that girl was put on this world to be submissive to man....period. Even now, in almost 2012, I have a certain fear of being persecuted and possibly prosecuted and incarcerated for my books, blogs and way of life.

The repressive sex laws that many are attempting to enforce and bring back to life are asinine and very frightening. Sodomy laws, cohabitation laws, censorship legislation, marital legislation, internet censorship laws, with each state, town, county using their own versions. In some cities and states you may be arrested for having a dildo.

Another county will prosecute you for having a picture that shows a penis inserting a female's vagina. I wonder how these paranoid jackasses believe they got here? Immaculate conception?

Probably. Too bad, there was not "immaculate contraception" in their cases. 1 thing that's odd to me is that the link between their religious doctrines and history and the so-called"M and S" world. Various spiritual cultures had or do have penitentes, and flagellants.

The whole basis of faith is guilt, guilt and penance. Therein lies the control variable and if you violate their laws you will need to be punished. Many more kinky ideas at

 If you examine the character of punishment spankings, which begin at youth, you can readily see where the fetish aspect returns later in life. If the Pope, bishops, and down the line can keep the masses full of guilt and the danger of damnation, they can control individuals actions.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

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