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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

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Welcome slaves to Mistresses blog all about mistress and slaves on webcam and just how much fun I have abused my slaves on live cam. If you are a sub and need some proper training from a strict Mistress then look no further. I am alive online femdom who enjoys every aspect of BDSM. To watch you crawl around on the floor and become my pet always makes me smile. So let's get to it then slave boy!

Time to discuss all the different aspects of femdom cams. There are so many areas of bdsm to discuss and I hope to cover them all in this blog. so do keep reading all the different sections of life as a dominatrix and the requests I get on a daily basis from submissive men.

Gas masks is something so many slaves do enjoy or rubber hoods and I have to admit I do enjoy using them on slaves.I think a lot of it is because it feels like real bdsm when you are in a hood.

 is always a great bet if you are looking for online live femdom instructions from very serious Mistresses who love nothing more than to watch you suffer. You can view more Click here for Mistress here

Mistress cams have so many different styles of Mistresses from those Very serious Mistresses to those who just enjoy dabbling in it. You have to read the profiles to get a feeling for what style of Mistress you are looking for


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